About Mesduah
(Genesis of the production)

Mesduah Productions (Mercy and Duah) was incorporated in 2016 after a heart-felt discussion on wanting to educate Ghanaians on the need of our culture and customs. Mesduah  productions started with twenty (20)  cast and crew for its first production”sankofa”. After producing that compelling content, we grew to over two hundred cast and crew who together with the help of Almighty God, gave birth to another great story “Ahintasem” with rich content which depicts the culture of Ghana.This story has been aired live on Adom TV channel.

Our Mission/vision

–To be one of Africa’s leaders in production of African-content movies.

–Build actors and actresses by giving space for upcoming ones.

–Build the movie industry

–Change the face and look of Ghanaian movie industry to suit the test of time.